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This section contains the descriptions of the research projects on children and armed conflict undertaken by Europe-based institutions.
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49 Projects found

List of Projects
"Our Heart and Soul to You Children"
Belgian Coalition Against the Use of Child Soldiers
Birth Registration and Armed Conflict
Building Peace in Situations of Post-Mass Crime:
Campaigning and Advocacy, Research and Monitoring; Networking and Capacity Building
Care and Protection for Separated Children
Children and Armed Conflict Unit
Children in war time
Children's Perceptions of Participatory Approaches Employed in Humanitarian Assistance Programmes
Community Resilience and Dialogue
Course on Health of Unstable Population
Crimes against Humanity
CRINMAIL Children and Armed Conflict
Demobilization and reintegration of young combatants in Afghanistan (research project)
Demobilization of underage soldiers
Effects of War in Southwest Angola
Enhancing the Nutritional Status of Refugee Women, Children and Adolescents by Addressing Micronutrient Deficiencies
Establsihment of post conflict child psychiatry service in Kosovo
Evaluation of GTZ/Basic Education for Afghan Refugees (BEFARe) in Pakistan
Evaluation of Services for Childen at Ports of Entry
First and foremost the right to have a future. Pilot program for protection of children victims of war in Ethiopia and Angola
Good Practice in Mental Health and Social Care for Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Identification of a Strategy for Concerted Action for the Regional Programme on the Prevention and Reintegration of Children Involved in Armed Conflicts in Central Africa (IPEC-ILO)
Impact of Prolonged Conflict on Sahrawi and Afghani Children
Impact of Troubles on Children and Young people
International Seminar on Palestinian Children Living under Depravation and Stress
Kosovo project
Kosovo/ A Citizens' Support Initiative
Living Commentary
Military courses on IHL (15 per year)
Peace Education for refugee and IDP children in Azerbaijan's 7 regions
PhD The International Criminal Court and its Impact on the Rights of the Child
Practical Disarmament Measures
Preventing Child Soldier Recruitment: Identifying the Push Factors
Protecting child
Recruitment to Irish Defence Forces
Refugee Women's Resource Project
Research into Bosnian Children's understanding of War
Social Legal Defence Centre
Social Reintegration of Child Soldiers in Post-Conflict Societies: Sierra Leone and Liberia in Comparative Perspective
Strenghtening Access to Quality Education for Refugee Girls in the Horn of Africa and Eastern Africa: A Comparative Study
Support to Countries in Crisis and Reconstruction
Topic part of most IMP seminars / conferences
Training of military personnel on the treatment of children in situations of armed conflict
Unaccompanied and Separated Children in Kakuma Camp
Weapons for Development
World Health Organization

49 Projects found

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